Lost Temple: chapter 5

it’s a hella long chapter and so many difficult words… it hasn’t been edited. so just enjoy it 🙂



Huh? What is this? Because it was darker in the evening and he was anxious to go back to the village, Black Mark accidentally kicked something on the way, with his speed he step to the side a little when he staggered to avoid falling to the ground. It’s dark and it’s hard to see what the situation is. Is it a hidden mission NPC? Black Mark poked with his tiptoe and the “object” on the ground squirmed, but there was no other movement. Under the drive of curiosity, he took out the harp and summoned a simple fireball in his hand, trying to use the flame. The light shines on what is on the ground.

Ordinary round ears, wide shoulders, wheat-colored skin, it seems that the guy who fell to the ground should be a guy from the Human Clan. When he saw his character, the bloodline had dropped to the limit of death, and it was still slowly falling. It was too late to figure out whether the guy was a player or an NPC. Black Mark quickly chanted the healing spell. A faint yellow lights flashed and the guy’s bloodline limit was finally restored.
“Hey, what’s wrong with you?”
“Hungry…” The guy on the ground gave a weak answer.
……The guy who feels hungry to death helplessly pouting. Black Mark took out the crispy spider’s legs he made today from the backpack, he handed them over, he has this thing more in the backpack anyway, he can eat it tomorrow. Or he can catch another spider and made crispy spider legs again, with that he can increase his cooking skill points too.

“Nyam~~~” Black Mark seemed to see a green light in that guy’s eyes. The whole spider’s leg he made smack into his mouth, knowing that the spider’s leg was almost as big as his leg. Ah… looking at the way the guy eating horribly, Black Mark can’t help but wonder if he is saving someone or saving a hungry wolf…

“Is there still any..?” The guy who has wiped out the whole dozen of spider-legged dishes in Black Mark’s backpack, sitting on the grass with his cross-legged, smeared the oily mouth and reached out to him.

Darkly turned his blank eyes, Black Mark feels that since he entered this game the most frequent expression he has made is to ask the sky without words*. Reach out to the backpack he took an apple and throw it away. The guy caught the apple with his hand in a very fast speed and smashed it on the placket and “Nyamm..” he bit it. “This thing is delicious, where did you buy it?”

Oh, it seems that this guy is not an NPC, just a player who is starving to death without food. Since he is not an NPC, there is no task to pick up. There is no reward if there’s no task. He quickly calculated in his heart, Black Mark is very practical person. He decided to stop wasting time with this guy  who seemed to be particularly good at eating and doesn’t have good mind: “Since you are fine, I am leaving.”
“Wait, where did you buy the food? Tell me.”
“Not buy.” He said with frowning his eyebrows. He hate the noisy guys, especially this type of entangled persons. Black Mark felt uncomfortable to let go of the hands on his sleeves.
“Then.. was it given? Can you help me with a little trouble?” Don’t know if this guy is really an idiot or deliberately pretending to be an idiot.
Whether it is adorn or not, Black Mark think that his face is very flat now. “… Are you looking for a beating? I am not helping the victims…”
“Please don’t hit me.” The guy was really wrapped up like an octopus. “I’ll give you compensation. After you helping me to fight, i will  help you to get some more food.”
“Get out of my face!” With a loud bang, Black Mark who felt fed up kicked the cowhide that was sticking to his body, and before the guy wrapped him up again Black Mark used his speed advantage to disappear at the end of the path.

The Twilight Town that enters the night is very quiet. In the dark, only the magic lights lit by the entrance of the hotel indicate that it was the area for adventurers where they can rest. “Squeak!” the old wooden door was opened, and the hotel owner who was sleeping in front of the counter was awakened. With a sleepy eye, the boss looked at the man who had stirred up his dreams.

“A clean room, please.” Took out a silver coin, successfully made the innkeeper put away all the impatience, he quickly took out the key from the counter and took the door number, furthermore he diligently took the candlestick and personally sent the guests upstairs. Black Mark certainly knows that this is the blessing of the bright silver coin. Although it is luxury to spend a silver coin on his current savings, but he is too tired today.

The expensive accommodation fee was indeed exchanged for a satisfactory bed, a soft mattress, a clean bedroom. Don’t know how many times greater this room with more than twenty copper coins compared to the room with hard wooden bed in the house where the rats were running around. Quickly take off the light armor from his body, Black Mark holds the soft pillow filled with goose feathers, and happily entered the dreamland.

A whole day of exhaustion and the comfortable bed made him sleep a big night. And at the third day, he was woken up by the sun shining through the window, rubbing his eyes, and stretched his lazy body beautifully. Only when Black Mark felt a slight grumble in his stomach he just climbed up from the bed and neatly put the light armor on his body. He reached out and grabbed the backpack in front of the bed and put his hand in.

… Surprised, only three apples were left, Black Mark was frustrated. The food in the backpack was eaten by that guy yesterday, that pig…

Sitting on the edge of the bed and taking a bite of the apples, Black Mark eats while thinking about what he wants to do today. Although the experience required for the double-professional players to upgrade twice than the average players, after understanding the elemental arrow the efficiency of his fight is greatly increased, and the experience value is increased each day, more importantly after learning the cooking skills, he can completely get rid of the junk food to sold in the system store. However, eating the same food as the spider’s legs is too monotonous. Today, he can take the feather arrow and go a little further. Try to collect the ingredients from other monsters and see if he can make new dishes.

The imagination in his brain is a plate of delicious food. Black Mark felt that his saliva were about to flow down. In contrast, half of the apples in is hands are uninteresting. Let’s do it! Black Mark jumped from the seat and grabbed the backpack and rushed out of the room.

Haven’t walked two steps yet, he felt that his waist is tightened. His waist and his two arms attached to the side of his body were held up by the big bear that appeared from behind. A familiar sound with a little rogue tone sounded.

“Hey~~~~ Food little brother*, finally found you~~~” (T/N: he called Black Mark ‘Food-little brother’ because he gave him a lot of food)
“!” The good mood when he got up in the morning suddenly swept away after hearing this sentence, Black Mark pulled down his face and said: “Let go!”
“I won’t let go~~~~ if i let you go, Food little brother will run without a trace like yesterday~”
Don’t run, then should i wait for you to wrap me? Black Mark only felt that the veins on his forehead had raisen up, he struggled to get rid of the rogue who shackling him behind, but the disparity of the power destined as the fact that his professions as Demon Bard and Archer cannot compete with a Human Warrior: “Asshole, you let me go!”
“Won’t let go~”
… I knew that it was such a big trouble. I told him to starve to death on the side of the road last night. Really kind people always suffered, good people always being bullied…
“Quickly let me go!”
“I won’t let go ~” The hands which holding Black Mark’s waist and arms are not relaxed, instead it is getting tightened, and his chin is put on Black Mark’s shoulder like a big dog. . . . .
“What on earth do you want!”
“I want to follow you~~~~”
Puke! When you are acting cute, please consider your appearance, evil~~~~ How disgusting is a man who’s big and tall to act cute?
“You let me go!!” The struggling arm hit the door, and the nails that were exposed on the door hurt his arm. Although the pain was 30% of the reality, but Black Mark still frowned. The anger that was trying to suppress at the same time finally burst out.
“Let me follow you and I will let you go.”
“Don’t even think about it!!!” At this moment Black Mark has been completely lose his mind. His arms were locked up and can’t pull out the bow and arrow. He thought about it and took out the Bard’s harp and whisper: “Gather the flame!” A cluster of flames appeared at his fingertips, at the same tie a drop of blood slipped from the wound on his arm, dripping on the white strings, and the flame elements gathered at the fingertips suddenly violently rioted. The previous table tennis-ball-sized fireball was compressed and it has become the size of broad beans, and the color changed from a bright red to a strange dark purple.

“Ding” A prompt of the system sounds in the ear: “Congratulations to the player Black Mark to comprehend the new combat skills – Shadow Flame.”

New combat skills? ? I don’t understand why an ordinary small fireball suddenly becomes a Shadow Flame, but due to the eagerness to get out of trouble he’s not much considered it. He quickly smashed the purple fireball in his hand to the face of the person behind him.

Surprised to see the other’s blood is fiercely deducted by two-thirds, Black Mark is also stunned at once. How does the small fireball that looks so inconspicuous have such horrible lethality? ? ?

Black Mark know very well his own level of attack power. His little fireball is nothing more than burnt the other’s hair, but – looking at the Human Warrior who was burnt in his upper body, Black Mark suddenly feels that he is unwilling to leave. He moved the strings with his five fingers, and a warm light blooms from the strings like a flower, quickly healed the injured part of the other person.

Seeing that the person on the ground who was burned by the flames, the injury was getting better. Black Mark wiped the sweat on the tip of his nose and put away the harp, then he hurriedly slid when the other party had not fully awake.

The Human Warrior guy stretched and wiped the nose that was stained by the dust that had just shattered from the door, because he had just been attacked he seemed a little embarrassed, stood at the door with an embarrased smile.

“Are you okay? Are you being bullied by him too much? Cold Wave.” A shadow suddenly appeared in the corner. A skinny elf played with a dagger in his hand and looked at his name, the Human Warrior Cold Wave.
“Actually i didn’t show the truth, Tong Tong~~ I was almost getting beaten by his spell just now, why didn’t you come out and fight him?” Still holding the embarrased smile, Cold Wave look at the darkness and made a strange action, he looked up and looked out the window, loudly said: “Silence, have you seen such a spell?”
A slight and almost unrecognizable sound rang out of the window, then a figure wrapped in a gray cloak flashed from the window into the room, and at the moment the person landed a cluster of blond hair floated out of the cloak’s hood.
“Never.” It is obvious that the person who comes in is a character that cherished words like gold.
“It’s a pity, you’re so lucky to become an Angel Clan, but it’s also troublesome. Silence, do you know how many people want your good looks?” The thief named An Tong looked at Falling to the Silence’s feet, can’t wait to see him step on the ground, want to steal that blond hair, but it is just a half joke.
Ignoring An Tong’s ridiculousness, Falling to the Silence stretched his hand and pulled the cloak, wrapped himself more tightly, and stood silently against the window frame.
“The little guy’s spell is very interesting, isn’t it? I thought he just mastered a very good life skill. I didn’t expect to have any extra income today. Will the bard have such a terrible attack power?” Cold Wave look at the traces of the clothes that have been burnt by the Shadow Flame, and point his chin to Falling to the Silence: “What do you think, Silence?”
“It may be a handmade spell skill.” Falling to the Silence leaned over and studied the traces left by the spell, holding his chin and frowned.
“Create your own spells? That’s more interesting! Cold Wave, you have to cheer for him to fight over~~” An Tong was obviously excited, the little dagger in his hand perfectly drawn a parabola in the air and the next second a silhouette flashed then the little dagger that had been thrown fell into his hands again.
“Your skill is so fast, Ah-Tong-Tong~” Cold Wave exclaimed a praising to the Elf Thief.
“Thank you for the compliment~” An Tong pick his eyebrows, his face flashed a smudge smile: “But Big Boss seems to be weak, you almost getting kissed by the Food Little Brother twice.”
Cold Wave gave An Tong a fake smile and blinked: “I have not weakened, do you want to go to the fighting field to experience it for a few days?” Satisfied seeing the dagger An Tong thrown into the air slammed into the ground, he turned his head and leaned back to the side and said: “Let’s find that Fusuna Xiaoxi and let him study what kind of spells our Food little brother just used. It’s best to let him also comprehend similar skills.”
Falling to the Silence nodded, spread his wings which a little longer than his foot and flew out off the window.

“From now on, our team will temporarily take a holiday, and the players will freely disband the activities.” Looking at An Tong shouts in cheers, Cold Wave paused and then said: “Until Food little brother joins our team.”

Black Mark doesn’t know that inexplicably he has become the target of that group of hunter people. At the moment, he’s carrying a bag of feather arrows and coming out of the store. There is that nasty guy there, he doesn’t want to go back to the Twilight Town for the time being, this big bag of feather arrows is not a problem even if it is used for ten days. Black Mark intends to leave the town first, find a clean place, and then change the arrows into the elemental arrows. Thinking of the purple fireball that was inexplicably powerful in the morning, Black Mark could not understand. Obviously, how can an ordinary fire element suddenly change and become a Shadow Flame?

  To recalled carefully every detail at that time, Black Mark suddenly narrowed his eyes – is it because of his blood? As a demon, you should be pointed towards the Demon attribute. If it is because of his blood, so it is not impossible to make the ordinary fireball into a shadow flame.

As a downright activist, Black Mark is certainly the first time to try out his own ideas. He took out the knife that the blacksmith from Xinshoucun gave, and carefully cut the tip of his finger. A few drops of blood come out, Black Mark put his hand on the harp and began to gather the fire element. If it is not the case, the pure fire element will become violent when it comes in contact with the blood on his finger, the color also changed from red to dark purple. It seems that the inference is correct. It is true that his own blood affects the properties of the fire element. Black Mark eagerly observed the small cluster of purple flames on his hand, and wanted to see if it changed further. Who knows that the flame did not condense into a small fireball like that in the morning, but it would be extinguished after a few beats.

Is it blood enough? He used the knife to draw a bigger wound on his arm. The blood flow down the wrist, taking advantage of this opportunity Black Mark once again condensed the fire element. The purple flame beat a few times without extinguishing, but began to burn more and more. The purple flame kept pumping blood from his wounds. Perhaps it was because of the attraction, the blood on the arm actually violated the principle of the gravity, it flowed upwards and kept flowing into the flame of the fingertips. Black Mark immediately pulled a feather arrow from the quiver and attached the shadow flame on his hand to the feather arrow. The elements of the arrow created this time is an odd dark purple, and there is a radiant light around the arrow.

Black Mark put the purple arrow on the short bow, and found a distant tree as the experimental target. The power of the shadow flame he has already learned in the morning, but he deosn’t know what kind of lethality will be made after making it to be the elemental shadow flame arrow. It’s better to be a little farther away from yourself, to avoid yourself from the injury if there was an accident.

Although it is well prepared, Black Mark is still scared by the power of the arrow. When the elemental shadow flame arrow penetrates into the tree, the whole tree is instantly surrounded by the purple flame, and then quickly withered and burned. Turn into a round of ashes. . . . .

At this time, the system prompt sounds again in his ear: “Congratulations to the player Black Mark to invent new combination combat skills, please name this skill.”

What? Can you name it on your own? It’s great! ! ! Black Mark thinks a little about it: “called it The Arrow of The Underworld is good too.”

(the actual word is 冥曜箭, there’s ‘Meditated Arrow’ or ‘Magnificient Dark Arrow’ but  i used the other translation and it’s ‘The Arrow of The Underworld’ because it sounds so cool as he is a Demon clan :D)

“The player named the new combination combat skill was successful.”
Black Mark does not know that the “The Arrow of The Underworld” named by him at the moment is not only famous for his signature skills in the future. But it is also one of the representative moves to become a legendary martial art on the entire continent.



Finally the main lead appeared…. Falling to the Silence is an Angel clan… how can an Angel and a Demon will fall in love??? And who is uke and who is seme here??



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    1. Cold Wave is just a random supporting character haha.. but he’s so funny.. actually i thought that Silence is the MC because he’s an Angel clan. usually a game-online-novel-seme is a Demon clan… so i thought Black Mark is seme/ML


  1. So Cold Wave is not the ML? Oh, thank god. He’s such a stalker jerk, I would be quite disgusted if he were the ML. We don’t know much about Silence yet, but he seems like he could be decent.


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