Feng Yu Jiu Tian: vol.17 ch.1

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Yong Yin, Fen city(Fencheng).

Yong Yi stands at the port of Fen city, faces the rushing Aman River.

It’s a cloudy day.

The sky is low, the dark clouds seems to hang not far above their heads.

Heavy, too suffocating, makes people hate to be unable, a thunderous roar is now breaking out in the black cloud, the heavy rain pouring down, put everything in this world squandered.

And not like now, it’s just gloomy, suppressed.

Lie Er, where the hell are you?

He set out from Yue Zhong city, the first goal is Fen city.

Lie er and the secrets that he agreed with him are beginning to disappear here.

When he arrived on the first day, he had sent all the people to thoroughly investigated the strange things that have happened recently in Fen city, there’s nothing more sensational than the matter of Duke Ming’s clay doll.

Almost at the moment he heard this, Yong Yi determined that this matter must have something to do with the disappearance of Lie er.

As long as it involves Xirei Duke Ming, Lie er absolutely not possible to not to get involved, just as him will involve in Lie er’s matter, Yong Yi also the same to absolutely not possible to not to get involved.

Everything is so weird with a whiff of danger.

No one knows where the Duke Ming clay doll is coming from.

Everyone knows, brother Xiong suddenly got a good business, he went to the port to sell the clay dolls every day.

Brother Xiong who sold the clay dolls and making a big profit was killed in a bizarre way, don’t know who did it. And Yong Yi investigates the date of this incident, it was shortly before Lie Er disappeared.

What’s even more suspicious is coming later, anyone who has a close relationship with Brother Xiong, who has been involved in buying and selling the clay dolls, almost all died inexplicably, just like to silenced them.

It is impossible to catch the details of the living witness by torture under these circumstances, after checking the details, Yong Yi ordered his men to continue to trace the situation, he carefully examined the abnormal movements of Brother Xiong when buying and selling the clay dolls, and finally found a little clue that after each time the group sold out the clay dolls of the day, they will go to a fixed restaurant to drink and have fun.

And, every time they ask for, it’s always the same room.

Yong Yi immediately ordered to grab the shopkeeper of the restaurant secretly and let him identify the portrait of Lie Er. It was only after half a day before the shopkeeper who’s trembling with fear recognized that the handsome young man in this portrait did show his face in the restaurant, and the winged room below was next door to the Brother Xiong’s room, as for when he left and how he left, he didn’t know.

After a severe interrogation of the shopkeeper, they got another clue that might not be a clue.

On the surface, it doesn’t seem to have much to do with the disappearance of Lie Er.

“Before Brother Xiong died, the restaurant has a guy who had been working for about three months and suddenly resigned. He left in such a hurry that he didn’t even ask for the money of the rest of the day.”

Anything related to Lie Er, even if it seems that there is no slight abnormality, it can not be let go.
Yong Yi eagerly summoned experienced painters overnight, asking the shopkeeper and other older buddies in the restaurant to describe the appearance of the resigned buddy and post a reward for immediate arrest.

The high rewards and the power of His Highness Yong Yin Prince finally had some effect, after a few days, there were people who reported secretly to find similar-looking men’s whereabouts, The buddy was caught on the way to escape and sent in front of Yong Yi.

However under the torture, this hard-to-catch living witness was actually suicide using the hidden poison in his sleeves while the guards had neglected.

All the vigorous search and pursuit suddenly fell into the most dreary deadlock, after the man became a cold body.

Lie Er, still have no news.

In front of the Aman River, Yong Yi had to stand silently, borrowing the coldness of the river to soothe the pain and depression that cannot be suppressed.

His sword was hidden in the sheath, forbearing the heavy anxiety, the passing river water washed as well as cross over his heart ruthlessly, but after over and over again, he still can’t wipe out the tingling in his heart.

Lie Er, am I too useless?

Yong Yi raises his head, let the river wind caresses his face from the pain. Every time he closes his eyes, he looks back to the moment he is in Yue Zhong city parted ways with Lie Er.

Lie Er was in glowing spirit as usual, unperturbed, like a clever little fox, fearing nothing in Heaven or Earth, full of fighting spirit to go to the Tong kingdom, to catch up with Xirei’s Duke Ming and his party.

However, this lively and energetic figure disappeared in Fen City.

If he had prevented him from leaving…

“His Royal Highness.” Ying Wei’s voice came from behind. Yong Yi turned his head.

Ying Wei said, “The daily routine investigations have arrived, in accordance with His Royal Highness’ strict order, all parts around Fen city are strengthened up their guards and strictly check strange faces. However, there’s still no news of Young Master Lie Er.”

Yong Yi said in deep voice, “The caught guy who was suicide with the poison, did you find out what kind of poison was hidden in his sleeve?”

Ying Wei shook his head in frustration. “This subordinate has found the best pharmacist in Yong Yin to test the poison, but there is no clue. The pharmacist said that this is not a general poison, after mixing with the water and let the venom immerse into the fabric at the corner of the sleeves, as long as the tongue lick it and it goes into the throat it can take life, the toxicity is terrible. The drug maker is not an ordinary person.”

“Not an ordinary person…” Yong Yin murmurs repeat the sentence and said slowly, “can withstand torture and decisively kill oneself, this dead man must have undergone rigorous training and extremely loyal to his master. Within Yong Yin, there may not be such a powerful person, I am worried that Lie Er has fallen into the hands of other countries.”

Ying Wei is also worried about this, but dare not to say it out to increase the worry of Yong Yi.

Seeing that Yong Yi has already said to lay bare, he also sighs. “If he falls into the hands of other countries, the first thing to worry about is Li kingdom. But why did the king design such a big trap for catching Young Master Lie Er? And, even if we were to know in advance that Young Master Lie Er would go through Fen city to the Tong kingdom, how can Li kingdom guess?”

Yong Yi takes a few deep breaths with the smell of river water, forcing himself to calm down and whispers. “There is no time to manage this, I only need to take Lie Er back. Send people to the capital to send a letter to the Father King and my prince brother, tell them that a very important person around me was kidnapped by the hoodlums, and asked for additional troops to come to Fen city to assist.”


“Put the people along the Aman River all the way to curb them pass Li kingdom in every place. Still do as I told you before, everyone who sees strange faces from different places must immediately report to the local officials, otherwise they will be severely punished.”


“Monitoring the silk trading everywhere, anyone who has an unknown origin and the big customers who’s willing to spend money, immediately report it.”

Ying Wei asked doubtfully, “Why should we monitor the silk trading?”

Yong Yi with eyes bright and full of expression, coldly says, “Although I can’t ask for a confession, but how the other party uses the Feng Ming clay doll to attract the preys, we already know it. The people who can come up with this kind of strategy are extremely delicate, but if a person’s personality has a positive side, there must be a negative side. This person is bold yet careful, at the same time, he is very conceited. Did you find out? The clothes he used in the Duke Ming clay doll were plain blue cloth, but the small belt was made of silk.”

Ying Wei stunned, his black eyes suddenly lit up. “Does this guy prefer silk? But even if he buys silk, how can he be willing to spend money?”

“The spies’ days of life is not to know tomorrow, even if they can get through this moment safely, who knows what the next moment will be? Under this mentality, people tend to indulge in favored things. Besides, if he’s really Li kingdom’s spies and don’t care about money at all. Ruo Yan by no means a stingy Great King.”

When Yong Yi finished, he looks up at the dark clouds at the top and faintly says, “The opponent declined, killing people to silence them, and the clues that can be traced are not left to us, now all the lines in the front are dead end. We’ll just use the method of spreading the net everywhere, everything that’s conjectured is thoroughly investigated, there is no gap at all. Do you understand?”

“Yes, this subordinate understand.”

Yong Yi sighs, closes his eyes and silently says. “Lie Er, I will find you.”

The thunder comes.

A snarling thunder roll over on the top of the dark haired head.

The heavy rain that has been around for a long time has finally came.


At the same time, Tian Yin has two consecutive secret reports.

The first one comes from Yu Lang.

He’s never been a man of bluff, and this time in the face of Ruo Yan also no exception. In his letter Yu Lang bluntly said that the current plan is to be half-way through, but it must fitting in with Wen Lan to proceed, he will pay close attention to the movement of Xirei’s Duke Ming, only asking the Great King to be patient.

The second one comes from Miao Guang who’s dealing with political affairs in the capital city.

Miao Guang’s words were earnest, she repeatedly requests Ruo Yan to return to Li Tong.
Because even a precious princess can’t be compared with the great king in the minds of the subjects.

It was unexpected that the army was handed over to the general to command in halfway through Ruo Yan’s expedition to Fan Jia. However, the king’s march did not return to Li Tong where the palace is, instead he inexplicably stopped for no reason in the ruined small town of Tian Yin, and made the subjects feel uneasy.

The situation in the world is getting more and more turbulent.

The battle over the throne of Xirei was further spread among the people, Xirei’s Duke Ming swaggered into the Tong kingdom, and they could not detect the news of the great enemy Rong Tian.

And also Dong Fan, at present the man surnamed Lie, claims to be the prime minister appointed by Rong Tian, don’t know what the hell is going on.

The overwhelming news pass to the Li Kingdom palace, the civil and military officials needed their wise Great King to return to the court and return to them.

After Ruo Yan reading the two secret letters carefully, he gets ponders deeply for a long time.

Feng Ming knows a little about the situation at the moment.

Recently, the energetic Xirei’s Duke Ming, as if the small ant on the mirror, were clearly watched by all parties, not only Li kingdom, but perhaps every country has sent a spy to observe this man who is becoming more and more handsome.

He is in the hands of the expert affiliations Rong Tian, Xiao family group, and even under the triple protection of the Tong kingdom Qing Zhang, even if Ruo Yan is going to pose enough threats against him in this situation, it is not easy.

Therefore, the plan mentioned by Yu Lang needs to continue to wait patiently for the timing. Although it makes Ruo Yan frustrated because of the surging expectations, the reason makes Ruo Yan understand what Yu Lang said.

While waiting for the prey, the good hunter will always know how to press his own anxiety.

Ruo Yan, is a good hunter

Two days after receiving the letter, the king finally started the king’s march, lead the way of the confidant and the guards to return to Li Tong.

The one who’s chosen to sleep on the black gorgeous imperial tent all the way, is still Si Qiang.

“Why do your eyes look so much like that?”

Ruo Yan likes to order Si Qiang to close his eyes, his fingertips are rubbing on the soft eyelids.
Unable to vent his physical strength on the prey he wants, he vents all of it to the little boy toys around him, occasionally he inadvertently vents his desire along with the anger, and a little bit of gentleness, but still like a needle immersed in the water of the lake, wordless and uncommunicative, stinging and sharply stimulating the most sensitive point of Si Qiang.

Si Qiang is happy to be his prey, covered by his powerful vigor.

Do his best to whee and moan, no longer just for the sake of pure flattery as in the past. Si Qiang aware of the satisfaction of his body being broken by the Great King, even with the pain of not being pitied, but his body wrapped up the Great King’s fierce cock, what is in his heart is that kinda of pride of taking something away from Xirei’s Duke Ming.

This kind of pride can’t be said to anyone, even passing only in the brain is a sin.
If the Great King knows, he might kill him immediately.

Si Qiang knows that he is only delusional, he suppresses the weak power to break through the ground in his heart, he carefully hide his gaze as he looking towards Ruo Yan who ponders when he’s checking documents.

He is happy for his little secrets and serve more words with care.

There is no change in the attitude of the King of Li to him, Ruo Yan’s eyes when he looked at him are as cold and ruthless as when he’s looking at others, it is as if he is just looking at the tools that are used at some point.

Only… When the Great King whispered Feng Ming in his mouth and kissed him tenderly, it’s a dream-like exception.

Si Qiang feels really strange, what makes the Great King remember the person named Feng Ming, he doesn’t even love the Great King, but he can make the Great King always think about how to get him.

Why is that name so magical?

He pondered this question, sometimes he suddenly squeezed the ribbon or a corner of the curtain with his hand, he often surprised and let go when no one saw it.

There is a lot of common sense that boy toy need to know, no jealousy is the most important one. Their existence is to make the master happy, instead of causing disputes.

Many people can’t understand this, in the end they are all very miserable.
Si Qiang tell himself never to think about it anymore, as long as he wholeheartedly serve the powerful Great King well.

However, the night before the team entered Li Tong, Ruo Yan said just as he positioned running through his body, he ordered him to close his eyes and asked him a question softly. “If I marry the queen, will you still be willing to stay with me?”

Si Qiang is stunned in an instant.

A moment later, he understood.

The Great King asked the person named Feng Ming, not him.

Si Qiang just remembered about this, he himself heard people say that the king had previously married the queen, but the queen soon died.

The king was also used to have sex with female, but in Si Qiang’s memory, the king never called a woman to serve.

Is it really in the heart of the Great King, that person is the only one who he wants to be close with?
Si Qiang is still thinking about it, suddenly he heard the Great King commanding him in his ear. “Si Qiang, after returning to Li Tong, I want you to serve someone.”

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