Feng Yu Jiu Tian: vol.17 ch.6 – part 2

Translator: churnie

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Everyday the opportunity Lie Er spend most of the days is in the dark, even when he woke up, he also often sees his powerless hands and feet in blurred and can only be left at the mercy of Yu Lang.

The most Lie Er worried about is that he will gradually be controlled by Yu Lang’s drugs, at last he lost his mind and became a pawn used by him.

Although he believes that Yong Yi can finally find himself, he must still save himself before he loses his mind.

Heavens have pity on him, under such captivity where there’s almost no hope of escape, he finally found an inch long sharp needle in the cellar.

He penetrate the sharp needle into the arm, completely submerged into the skin and hidden under his sleeve.

The pain caused by the acupuncture have helped Lie Er, with a strong will to fight and the constant pain in the arm, now Lie Er can finally wake up before Yu Lang’s expected time.

This may be the only chance to escape from Yu Lang’s control.

Hear footsteps approaching, Lie Er closes his eyes alertly and relax his body and pretended to still caught in unconsciousness. A pair of warm hands gently touch him and then stopp quietly behind his ear.

Holding his face, the heat slowly comes.

Lie Er smell Yu Lang’s breath.

The man’s lips cover lightly, the careful movement seems as if he’s afraid to wake him up, Yu lang stretches the tip of his tongue against the crack between the two lips, open the soft line of defense and the tip of his tongue sweep gently on the hard gums.

Lie Er uses all his will to continue to relax his face, Yu Lang’s heavy breath cover him, the close distance almost make his heart beat faster.

“Lie Er…”

Yu Lang whispers his name.

Lie Er’s heart jumps, knowing that he doesn’t see through his disguise, but just unconsciously exchanges his name.

This kind of things doesn’t only start today, from a few days ago, when Lie Er could start to let himself woke up early, he found that Yu Lang often liked to caress and kiss himself when he was unconscious.

Yu Lang’s actions are not obscene, it seems that it’s not just for the purpose of rubbing the hands and feet. His touching is also limited from the neck to the cheek, or his five fingers to the ankle, otherwise if he’s going to take off his clothes while Lie Er is sleeping, the needle in his arm probably has been discovered by him.

Kou kou. The sound of knocking on the wooden cabin comes lightly.

Li Er felt that Yu Lang loosened him and faces outside.

“Come in.”

Yu Lang whispers.

After pushing the door, the competent and steady male voice comes, he calmly says, “Young Master..”

Speaking only two words, he stops vigilantly and waiting for the signal from Yu Lang.

While Lie Er was imprisoned by Yu Lang, he had seen people around him occasionally, the voice he heard should be one of Yu Lang’s confidants, he vaguely remembered that Yu Lang once called him to do the ambush.

Yu Lang faintly says. “Just say it. Not long after he drank the medicine I had prescribed, he slept soundly and couldn’t hear anything.”

“Yes,” he reports in methodically arranged. “According to this subordinate’s investigation, Xirei Duke Ming will not leave Tong Ze at the moment, it looks like he will stay until the birthday of the Great King of the Tong Kingdom. He is still guarded by the Xiao Family Killer group and Xirei Rong Hu and the guards, they were invited by Qing Zhang to temporarily stay in He Qing Prince Palace. They are absolutely protected.”

“Absolutely protected?” Yu Lang’s subtle laughter passes into Lie Er’s ears. “If they really think so, then that’s just what I want.”

“Young Master’s brilliant strategy, of course even if those idiots want to break their heads they still can’t think of it. I’m afraid they won’t understand until the day when Duke Ming getting poisoned.”

Lie Er’s body is shaken strongly and he holds his breath, he can’t help but secretly opens his eyes a thin slit.

Fortunately, at the moment Yu Lang is talking with his subordinate with his back facing him, so he finds nothing.

Poisoning Duke Ming?

Yu Lang’s fierce eyes when he talked about Duke Ming flash in Lie Er’s mind.

This person is full of hatred for anyone who may hinder the Li Kingdom great unification. Li road… Has he already dealt with Duke Ming? !

The heart beats getting stronger in the chest cavity and the sound of the stomp stomp struck the eardrum, causing Lie Er to worry that Yu Lang will turn back to look at his situation at this time.

He tries his best to close his eyes and hopes the two would continue talking.

There seems to be a God’s blessing, he really continues to talk about Duke Ming’s matter, and somewhat slightly anxious. “However, many days have passed since the Young Master pretended to be Du Feng and meet with the Xirei Duke Ming, but he never seemed to be able to get Wen Lan in his hands. This subordinate looks, don’t know if it’s good if Young Master simply sent over a pot of Wen Lan in the name of Du Feng, let him touch the flower and immediately become poisoned.”

Although Lie Er doesn’t understand what kind of poison did Yu Lang have on Feng Ming, but he guesses Wen Lan must be the key.

Hearing that Que Fu respectfully says to speed up the movement to send Wen Lan, according to Duke Ming’s lively and curious personality, maybe he will touch it. It would be bad.

Lie Er suddenly tensed.

Yu Lang smiles lowly and quite conceitedly says. “Without this, I have used the flute technique to arouse his intention to learn the flute, he accepted the jade flute I sent and would often practice it if he wanted to. I have soaked the flute using my drug juice, Chen Yu character is more loosen powder, if he touches his lips he will unknowingly fall off the powder. Every time he blows the flute, there will be some Chen Yu powder falling into his mouth, after these days, Chen Yu’s poison must have penetrated into his body. At least the rest stuff about Wen Lan, let Lady Yaoye do it for us.”

(t/n: Chen Yu, the name i decide to use the chinese name instead of the translation, Sediment Jade powder)

Que Fu doesn’t seem to be at ease, he says hesitantly, “This subordinate heard that Lady Yaoye is very odd, she may not be willing to send Wen Lan to Duke Ming, otherwise, how can he didn’t get poisoned so far?”

“Although her character is odd, she is also Duke Ming’s biological mother, as long as her biological son insists, she will finally agree.” Yu Lang determinedly says, “Duke Ming the human nature with a proud mankind, if he promised something to someone else he won’t left it behind. Now that he has promised me, I can assure you that he will keep pestering Lady Yaoye to ask for Wen Lan. Rest assure, sooner or later he will let himself to fall his head first and lend on our feet. Now all over the place is not peaceful, when we rashly moved, we easily reveal our cloven foot.”

Que Fu respectfully says, “Yes, Young Master is thoughtful.”

Lie Er had learned various things in the past, also learned a little about pharmacology, when he heard this, he suddenly realized.

Yu Lang must be used a method of mixing poisons, two kind of non-toxic substances mixed together in a special way can turn into a violent poison.

Only through this strange and roundabout way Yu Lang can break through the multiple guards around Duke Ming and unexpectedly gets his hands down on Duke Ming.

Chen Yu (jade) and Wen Lan (orchid) both may sound strange, but the poison that can be selected by Yu Lang to deal with Duke Ming, just thinking about it he knows it won’t be a good thing.

It seems that now Duke Ming has been deceived into contacting with Chen Yu poison, and he is still ignorant that he is in danger. If he comes into contact with Wen Lan, the consequences will be disastrous.

Be sure to warn Duke Ming as soon as possible!

Lie Er’s heart seemed to be scratched by cat’s paws, but his body doesn’t dare to move at all, so he’s even more anxious.

Yu Lang and Que Fu talk about the situation in various countries again, speaking of the King of Li leaving Tianyin, and now has returned to the capital city of Li Kingdom —— to go to Li Tong.

Yu Lang’s tone relaxed a bit. “The Great King is doing very well. The monarch has not been in the palace for a long time, the army and the ministers will be in a state of panic. Now that the Great King is back, the situation of Li Kingdom will soon settle down.”

He’s also very concerned about the situation in Dong Fan, Que Fu seems to be specifically collecting and organizing information for him from all parties and telling a little news about Dong Fan. However Dong Fan is far away and the transportation is inconvenient, it’s not easy to deliver information and they can’t find any important news at the moment. Because there’s no proper spy sneaking into the cardinal position, it is impossible to determine whether or not Rong Tian is currently in Dong Fan.

Yu Lang says coldly, “If I guess, Rong Tian is probably not in Dong Fan now, it’s possible that he is lurking beside his beloved Duke Ming.”

“Will Rong Tian be so risky? When he enthroned he often had a small border wars with Tong kingdom, the influential officials of the Tong kingdom won’t welcomed him.” Que Fu thought for a while and suggest, “He’s lurking into the Tong kingdom and not too many people around him, like a ruling dragon join into shoals, the chance is so rare. Should Young Master send a letter to the Great King immediately and ask the Great King to contact the Tong kingdom and send troops together to surround Duke Ming and his group of people and to search Rong Tian to be executed immediately? The Xiao family’s killer group is more powerful but also can’t fight an army, the reason why those countries dare not to touch Duke Ming, most of them were afraid that Rong Tian, ​​who had not appeared, would retaliate afterwards. If you are sure you can get rid of two people at once, the Tong kingdom people who hate Rong Tian won’t miss this opportunity.”

This plan is indeed vicious.

Each of Lie Er’s nerves is tightened, his teeth clenched nervously.

Yu Lang says, “Unfortunately I’m just guessing and can’t be sure. Not to mention most of the troops of Li Kingdom are still in Fan Jia, the domestic military is empty, so it’s not appropriate to move. Unifying the world is a long and grand plan, do not ignore the overall situation because of the small benefits in front of you. With the domestic military empty situation and get involved in the Tong kingdom affair, it will accidentally set ourselves to fire. If it’s only after a blatant start that we found that Rong Tian is not in the Tong kingdom, at the same time, it also caused others to pay attention to the distribution of Li Kingdom’s troops. Maybe there will be no fear of death just as my army invaded the territory of Fan Jia, but it would lose the strength of Li Kingdom’s military, the benefits gained cannot cover the losses suffered. In the future, there are still many tough battles to fight, Li Kingdom’s military power should be used only when it is absolutely necessary”.

He pauses and chuckles. “Rong Tian regarded Duke Ming as his life, once Duke Ming’s poison is at stake, how could he not be in a mess? At that time, it’s not far from his death.”

Que Fu accept willingly, “Young Master is really the most loyal person to the Li Kingdom, everything is conceived for the future of the Li Kingdom. For a long time, Young Master has been very cautious about anything that could affect the strength of the Li Kingdom.”

Yu Lang doesn’t know why, and for a moment he’s silent.

“The simple words of military power in the mouth of the nobles represent heavy human life. A large number of expatriate soldiers died on the battlefield, with their bodies and minds in different places, the generals reported the case to the Great King a few days ago, but it was the four words ‘the loss of troops’. Aih, the men left the weak elder and the women to join the army. When they left, they were young and strong, harbor with great goals, how many of them could go home alive?” He sighs faintly. “With poison, only a few people died, in a great war dead bones were innumerable, those who pretentiously despise trickery and poison, they say that these are despicable acts, don’t you know that sometimes a dose of poison that takes the enemy’s life silently is enough to destroy a great war, so that more people can go back to see their parents, wives and children alive.”

Que Fu is deeply moved. “Young Master has compassion for the world and kindness that can move the world.”

“Kindness?” Yu Lang laughs. “Doesn’t anyone who knows me say that I’m fierce and terrible and my heart is like a stone? In my opinion, it’s indeed true, don’t say i’m kind, I’m afraid I don’t even have a heart.”

At the end of the conversation, his voice gradually lowered.

The low tone with unknown gloom.

Even the air sense that the pain and repress emotions hidden in the bottom of his heart become stagnant.

Que Fu doesn’t know what to say and finally only has to sigh.

Lie Er eavesdropped aside and his heart was heavily uncomfortable. Suddenly he realized that he can’t think about anything.

The first question now is how to escape as soon as possible and tell Duke Ming that he has been half poisoned!

Time is precious.

There must be no further delay!



Are you guys believe in Yu Lang’s kindness??

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