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Feng Yu Jiu Tian: vol.18 ch.3 – part 1

Translator: churnie



Luo Yun disguise himself as an ordinary citizen of the Tong Kingdom and walk into an adobe brick house inconspicuously.

In Tong Ze, such adobe brick houses can be seen everywhere and they are typical house that people in the Tong Kingdom live in. A narrow corridor connects the house and a small door is often opened in the wall of the house to facilitate the communication between the neighbors. Families with prosperous people may live in the same place for several generations, and it is even easier to meet.

A large number of adobe houses inhabited by poor people in Tong Ze are continuously located in the south of Tong Ze city, forming a large area of ​​humble alleys of adobe houses, it’s stark a great contrast with the splendid royal palace and nobles mansion in the east of Tong Ze.

Luo Yun steps into the meeting address that Luo Ning gave him.

Luo Qian Qian wears a long blue dress, don’t know how long she had been waiting inside.

“Mom”. Luo Yun calls softly.

Luo Qian Qian doesn’t seem to care about Luo Yun pushing into the door. She’s facing the window, her eyes fixed on the gray eaves, in a silent trance.

It wasn’t until Luo Yun walked behind her and was about to call her again that she slowly turned around.

“You’re here.” The tone is deep and cold.

Luo Yun nods and asks, “Mom is anxious to see me, is there anything important?”

Luo Qian Qian smiles coldly, “Must there be something important to see my own son? ” She tilts her head and turns back to the original eaves, looking cold.

Luo Yun slightly startled.

After walking to Luo Qian Qian’s straight but fragile back, he seems to want to say something, but hesitates for a while, he asks with a low sigh, “Mom is angry with me?”

Luo Qian Qian shakes her head. “I’m not angry with anyone, If I really want to be angry, I can only be angry with myself.”


“Who wants me, Luo Qian Qian, who doesn’t know how to love herself, to falls in love with a cold and heartless man? All these years, I didn’t have any weight in his eyes. I just never expected that up to now, even my own child who i conceived and gave birth in the tenth month regardless of my life and death didn’t have his mom in his eyes.” Luo ​​Qian Qian’s tone change sharply. “What I wish for all my life is nothing but a joke. Is there any woman in the world who is more reckless and useless than me? Who else dare I be mad at?”

Luo Yun trembled all over, lands on his knees and kneel down, “this son never dare to have no mom in his eyes. Mom, I just…”

“You just what? Just have been bought off by that little bastard and has forgotten who you are? Forgot whose blood is on your body?” Luo Qian Qian suddenly turns around, arrogantly looks down at her own flesh and blood, and asks word by word. “I ask you, who is your biological father?”

Luo Yun bows his head and replies, “It’s Xiao Zong.”

“Yes, Xiao Zong! The Holy Master Xiao, who is feared and admired in the world, Xiao Zong!” Luo Qian Qian looks up and smiles with a sad look on her face. “Our Luo family has followed the Xiao family for a hundred years and our ancestors have died for the Xiao family, when I was still young, i was by his side every day, watching him study the sword practicing meticulously, watching him get up early and going to bed late to practice sword in the forest. Yun Er, Your dad is rich, has a great reputation in swordsmanship and famous all over the world, but no one genuinely understands him, only me who knows him, your mom. But he… he didn’t know anything, but took a fancy to that bitch.”

She pauses for a moment, don’t know what came to her mind, her beautiful face flash a bit of ruthlessness, “Yaoye? What kind of woman is that Yaoye? She doesn’t deserve your father at all, she doesn’t understand what your father is thinking. That bitch relied on her little beauty, arrogant, willfulness, cold-blooded and ruthless, for the sake of her own happiness, she had to force your dad to give up on Kendo, how could there be such a vicious woman in the world? Kendo is what your dad pursue for all his life, the thing that he cherishes most in life, but she repeatedly destroyed your dad’s studies. If it were me, I would never be so cruel to him!”

Luo Qian Qian becomes more and more excited as she spoke, and the Cui Chai trembled on her head.

(t/n: Cui Chai : bluish-green jade hairpin)


Luo Yun shows his anxiety and looks up to persuade, “Mom, everything is this son’s fault, don’t be angry.”

Luo Qian Qian’s chest undulates sharply, after a moment, she finally calms down, a bitter smile comes out of her lips, and she shakes her head, “No, Yun Er, it’s not your fault. All the fault is on me.”

Her eyes slowly move down and fall on her son’s young and handsome face, her eyes softened. “Get up.” She lowered herself and takes Luo Yun off the ground, her eyes stop lovingly on the face that resembled her and sighs softly, blame herself, “What your dad wants the most is a dream heir. Your mom was incompetent and failed to meet his wishes, but she hurt you and made you suffer with unexplained idleness in the Xiao family.”

Luo Yun’s handsome face which always looks cold emerged with excitement, “with my uncle taking care of me, I’m doing well and I’m not suffering. It’s mom who was suffering..”

“You know that your mom is suffering?” Luo Qian Qian cuts off his words, “Good boy, the only one who can understand these sufferings in the bottom of my heart except your uncle is only you. If you really feel bad for your mom, do something for your mom.”

Luo Yun’s heart froze and silenced.

“What? You don’t want to help your mom?”

“Does mom want to kill him?” Luo Yun says in a quiet voice. “Has mom ever thought that if that man is really dead, his parent wouldn’t investigate it? How can they let us go if they found out that us, mom and son and uncle are involved in it? I am even more worried about…” The last sentence spit out halfway and suddenly stopped.

Luo Qian Qian seems to have guessed what he wanted to say, but still asks in a low voice, “What are you most worried about?” Her voice is faintly hollow like a smoke.

Luo Yun grits his teeth. “My biggest worry is that dad will never forgive mom.”

“Are you worried that Xiao Zong will kill me with his own hands?” Luo Qian Qian asked with a sad smile.

Luo Yun is silent.

Luo Qian Qian as if talking to herself, “Yes, in order to explain to that woman, he might actually kill me with his own hands. But what else can he do? When that woman’s son dies, you are the only son he has left, he can treat me as nothing, but he can no longer treat my son as nothing.”

Luo Yun didn’t want to stimulate his mother, but he can’t keep letting her delusion like this, he can’t help but to remind her, “Without a son, there’s still a grandson. And I heard that this grandson has the most talent hands for practicing swords.”

“Humph! What talent will Yaoye’s flesh and blood have? Your swordsmanship is much better than that little bastard, and the son you will have in the future will naturally be a hundred times better than that little bastard’s son.”


“Don’t say anything.” Luo Qian Qian flicks her sleeves fiercely and turns around, her stubborn and arrogant back facing Luo Yun, “I only ask you one question, do you still have this mom in your heart?”

Luo Yun froze for a moment, then reluctantly asks, “What actually does mom want me to do?”

When Luo Qian Qian hear his tone is loosen, she turns around with satisfaction and gives him a bag of things. “The birthday of the Great King of the Tong Kingdom is coming. Of course, the celebration ceremony will begin in Qing Li Mansion, that woman’s son will definitely be there. You had to put this drugs in his meal and his guards the night before.”

Watching Luo Yun holds the packet of drugs in silent, she lowered her voice, “Don’t worry, these drugs are not fatal, they just make them weak, and they will never realize that they have been drugged unless they’re fighting. Mom won’t be stupid enough to do it herself, of course a fool will kill this evil for us.”

Luo Yun probably already guessed, he asks quietly, “Is it Qing Li?”

Luo Qian Qian nods, and a look of disdain crossed her face. “The so-called crown prince thought he could gain popularity by this method to take the throne. Humph, as long as he succeeds, the news will spread, he will be the next to be killed by your dad. Luo Yun, after you drugging him, immediately leave with your uncle with an excuse and meet me at the agreed place, never go to Qing Li with that person. With a group of incompetent guards, he will surely die as long as he is surrounded and killed by the masters who are secretly hired by Qing Li.”

Luo Yun is full of thoughts, silent for a long time, and suddenly says, “Getting along with him these days, I think that although he loves to play and noisy, and he is childish, but he often has amazing performances at critical moments, maybe that day, he will once again show his brave and wise like that in the Aman River battle. If Qing Li can’t successfully kill him this time, what plans does mom have?”

“What are you trying to say?” Luo Qian Qian’s sharp eyes shot straight at him.

“After all, half of our blood is the same,” Luo Yun lifts his head, uttering word by word, pleads but resolutely says, “If such a trap can not kill him, it must be that God can’t bear us brothers to kill each other, please mom don’t mention anything to hurt him from now on.”

After being stunned, Luo Qian Qian’s face suddenly changed, as if she was about to be furious, but she endures painstakingly and says with a sneer, “Okay, okay, i am selfless and wholeheartedly for your sake, in the end it’s this mom who’s too cruel and wants you brothers to kill each other. It turns out that he is already your brother, but unfortunately in his heart, you are just an ordinary guard who dies for him at any time.”

Luo Yun anxiously says, “Mom…”

“Don’t talk!” Luo Qian Qian’s delicate shoulders trembled. “Okay, I promise you.”

This time it’s Luo Yun’s turn to be stunned, and there’s some disbelief in his surprised. “Mom really agreed?”



Luo Yun is so sweet brother…. can he really do it? 😓

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